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judy davis' best performance

don't you think?

"now it's 5 to 12/shut up & smoke/i'll go somewhere else/no more orange nightgown"


...I've posted elsewhere, when I saw this movie in New York in 1988, I had been on-again, off-again homeless, and felt a connection with her alienated character that helped me from slipping further into my own alienation...

I haven't seen, say, her Judy Garland, but I can't imagine a better performance than hers in High Tide.... (there are a few other performances by other actresses I'd place with it....)


I prefer "My Brilliant Career," but I still love this movie.



"or her alternately thrilled and terrified facial expressions upon witnessing her daughter shaving her legs for the first time. The range of complex emotions that subtly play across her face is quite extraordinary."

Incredible scene, especially when the grandmother comes in. That scene, with all three of them... amazing stuff.

What about the ending, the final scene?

A perfect movie!