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What if the White Sox Had Won the 1919 World Series?

September 24, 1919: The Chicago White Sox defeat the St. Louis Browns, 6-5 at Comiskey Park in Chicago, and clinch their second American League Pennant in the last three seasons.

They had won the World Series in 1917, defeating the New York Giants. This time, they will face the Cincinnati Reds, who have already clinched the National League Pennant.

White Sox owner Charlie Comiskey, previously a penny-pincher, remembers that he had once been a player himself, a very good first baseman who led the last Cincinnati Pennant winner, in the American Association in 1882. He has a change of heart and tells his players that, if they win the World Series, he will pay them a sum matching their winning shares.

(Point of Divergence, or POD: This means they don't have to accept the offer from the gamblers to "throw" the Series.)


Comiskey would still be an a'hole, Cicotte would be retiring in a couple of years with no pension, just memories, and the rest retired in the next 10 yers.