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Not very good?

I liked the concept of this film and it started very promisingly. However the copy I have is not the best quality, and black levels are literally can't see anything in the dark scenes. The light scenes look ok but there are a lot of dark scenes in the film.

I thought it started really well, the photography was interesting and the idea of the Devil guiding this man to safety and making him do things was interesting. But I slowly lost interest, getting confused at who was who, and wondering what the devil was going on...

It took me so long to track down and I was ultimately disappointed. I watched an hour and twenty minutes before switching off.

It's a shame, after I saw Possession, I thought Zulawski would become a new favourite...


I found it a visual treat and I wasn't so much bored, but I've got to agree I kind of lost my way through it more than once myself. Who knows maybe that's the point. When you let devil lead you, your sure to lose your way.

After the point you stopped watching Jakub kills his remaining family and burns his fathers house to the ground, he then goes after the king whom he wins in a dual but gets shot himself. While he's dying the messenger/devil turns up and asks Jakub to sign a declaration containing the names he'd have handed over during his capture when tortured. On signing the messenger shoots Jakub in the head. Then hands the note to another man for an handful of gold. The man (maybe the real devil or even god) says 'you made it hard work like you was after his soul, everyone knows man doesn't have a soul'. At which point the messenger goes nuts and tries raping the nun, but she cuts his penis off, he then turns into a dog... cut to credits :D

hehe I'm not even making it up either, such an odd end
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Wow thanks! I might give this film another go soon.


What a crazy film every scene i think that i got it then suddenly something happens and i get confused even more, Im not gonna watch this again, i really liked possession thought but this one bothered me to hell


Saw this last night in the theater (they are showing 10 of his films! check for info)

I had 3 hours sleep and, despite my efforts, I was nodding off. I liked what I saw.....not sure what it was saying. The devil character seemed to be duped to. He was laboring under a false deal with another. A cinefamily programmer said it was an allegory about Polish govt corruption.....that's why it was banned. I liked it well enough, but really need to see it again. I don't think we can say we've seen a Zulawsky film if we've only seen it once.

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Very good? no, at least good? I say yes. The director has made better films; Possession and On the Silver Globe, but I still enjoyed this to some degree. I rate it 7/10.

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