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in which Cronenberg proved dramas could be as haunting as horror movies -

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I just want 2 warn everybody, that even though the new scream release will likely satisfy most fans, this release has some serious issues.

The first disc is listed as a 1.75:1 ratio

The second disc is listed as Cronenberg's preferred ratio 1.66:1 in a new 2k scan, but according to this ratio is wrong. Its actually 1.67:1 as they claim they measured the ratio.

Ok so follow me now, the 2nd disc has completely wrong colors and the framing does not look right at all. Way 2 much head room. Also lacks in detail and looks slightly faded and washed out.

So now, the first disc has the right looking colors on the 1.75:1 and for some reason this disc looks like it has the new 2k scan. It obviously looks a lot more sharpened than the 2nd disc and noticeable grain that does not look out of focus. But unfortunately this disc has a horribly distracting wobble going on through out most of the movie.

2 top it all off, the slip cover has an mgm logo on it and the spine does not. When was MGM ever involved with Dead Ringers?!?!?

Was this just another massive scream factory rush job release that should of been left in the hands of criterion 2 begin with?? or was this just the best warner had 2 offer and scream did the best they could?



and here's a blu-ray review for the Scream Factory Collector's Edition of DEAD RINGERS, which has 2 transfers and lots of extras -

Schlockmania, your online guide to the Schlock experience:


Dude, have you not seen this film before? the 2nd discs transfer is a complete disaster. Its unwatchable if you know what this film is supposed 2 look like. Even if disc 1 doesn't have the 2k scan, it has more detail and the right colors, I can deal w the slight wobble. Disc 2 has none of the icy blue that is supposed to be apparent throughout most of the film.

Check Disc 1 19.19 in, look at the blue tint. Then check disc 2 19.19 in an look at how washed out, faded, and completely NOT BLUE that scene looks.

Im not trying 2 discourage people from buying this release, like I said in my first post this bluray will satisfy most fans, and its def the best version available, but far from a definitive one. The features are great.

But Ppl should know what they are buying if they plan on it.

An btw, Im gunna go out on a limb here and say 1.66:1 is NOT the preferred ratio for this film. Maybe back in 1996 it was on 4X3 tv screens for a non-matted, non-anamorphic DVD transfer. Im thinking 1.85:1 is what Cronenberg would pick for a new 2k scan. Like Videodrome and The Fly, his 2 previous films, and Videodrome was approved by him w Criterion, this new Dead Ringers release was not.


Yep, I'm happy to have the first disc but second one is terrible. The Mantle apartment is too bright. And yeah, they totally ruined the lighting of the love scene near beginning. I went back to that scene on the Criterion dvd, and even on the commentary Suschitzky talks about going "all blue" for this scene.