Lee aka Nothing Face

In this movie, Nothing Face is referenced to as Lee by Ug and Charlie, but in the first movie, we never knew his name. This has always bothered me.


Well Mick wanted to give them names which weren't introduced to the bounty hunters's names until then.

Lee is also a transgender narrative as well, there are two bounty hunters at the core of the first two Critters films named Ug and Lee. They have the ability to change forms and shift until they find a face they are comfortable with, as their original appearance is faceless. Ug takes the form of a rocker named Johnny Steele and that’s the appearance he keeps for all four movies. Lee cannot keep a consistent form and through the entire first movie keeps changing appearances without ever settling on anything. According to the script i read, Lee is androgynous as refered at first as he/she/it in the script as Lee wanted a beautiful form as much as Ug wanted a handsome form.

This becomes more of a subplot in Critters 2 when Charlie asks why Lee never keeps a consistent form. Ug’s literal response is “hasn’t found right self yet. Can’t live in wrong self” which is about as blatant as you can get. It’s also worth noting that even before Lee finds the form they stick with and he/she/it didn't like being in guys's bodies according to the script.

Lee comes across an old Playboy found by Charlie on the ground as he/she/it tries to aim at the covergirl but Chuck thinks his form will be taken again then shows the centerfold right in his/her/it's face and takes the form of a pinup model. There’s a dramatic, somewhat sexualized transformation sequence meant to depict how glamorous he/she/it feel in this new body and how "she" is comfortable in a form for the first time as Lee feels "her" face/body with a surprise jaw drop. In the TV version and deleted scenes with the script, Lee even says “Body fit” at the end of this sequence as even Charlie has fallen in love with her saying "Body fit alright" with a crap-eating grin on his face agreeing.

It’s not the main focus of the movie, but there is a focus on it and it was definitely something that was intentional on the part of writer/director Mick Garris whom i spoke with on facebook about those scenes and the script as he regrets cutting out the "body fit" line scene from the theatrical cut but was glad it was on the tv cut which the footage can be seen on youtube..

Although i hated it when that nerdy guy pissed her off as the guy bitched at Ug/Lee/Charlie for damage cost of the restaurant and didn't thank them, instead Lee got ticked by him and accidentally turns into him with a bit of anger as Chuck tries to stop her but too late. Luckily Charlie returned her to the babe form which she is most fond of.

Lee has chosen well when it comes to forms eh? i had a crush on Lee when i was a kid as i thought her and Lady Amalthea from The Last Unicorn (anyone remember that movie?) were the hottest transformed ladies i've seen, lol.

"Unicorn, mermaid, vampire,sorceress! No name you'd give her would surprise me i love whom i love"