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Was this movie guilty of colorism towards black women?

Or more specifically, Lisa and her sister Patrice? I never really thought about it too much until I came across this discussion:

Basically, Lisa, the lighter skinned McDowell sister was seen as classy, refined, and more desirable. While Patrice, the darker skinned sister, was depicted as being "ratchet" and promiscuous.


There's a 50/50 chance that Lisa would be lighter than Lisa (I know that it's 50/50 in my family as it is in every black family with an even number of people in it). In any case, I think Allison Dean was then and still is gorgeous:

In addition, the ultimate female, the one hand chosen for Akeem, happened to be darker than Lisa. I present the gorgeous Vanessa Bell:



It's impossible to tell.

I think with this movie, it's healthier to just focus on the fact that it's hilarious and insightful, and not worry about racism - especially in a mostly-black cast film from the late '80s.


I thought they were both hot and I liked Patrice better of the two.