While Vinny was a bit more my type (uh oh!), I also found Jamie way cute and sweet! That part in the bus station when Melissa is saying "Jamie...Jamie" in her sleep, and then the man next to her folds back his newspaper and it's none other than Jamie...the look on his face is just too sexy!

Also, later when he's moving his hand up her leg and she tells him she doesn't think they should get romantically involved and he whispers "Why not?" Oh, he's just way too sexy there.

I wonder why they never had kids- at least 6 years later they hadn't. Hope Jamie's "Mistuh Peabody" was in good working order, you know what I'm talkin' about Snapperhead?


Keep in mind that Jamie was a ficitious character. Since Victoria Jackson and her boyfriend were visiting Lea Thompson and Dice's house, the film-makers probably figured it would be effective to have the children make a dramatic (surprise?) entrance. That would make the most sense if the children were Lea and Dice's (as it was their house). That is my take on it.

With that said, I am about half-way through the "Pretend You're Sensitive Handbook For Guys". (I got a second-hand copy online.) By any chance, would you like to share something about your childhood with me, Mel? ;-)


The point of the movie was to have a twist ending where the bad boy and girl would be the married couple ( complete with kids and dog).