Pitch count

After Nuke's debut, Larry and Skip were talking:

"He walked eighteen - new league record.
He struck out eighteen - new league record.
And he hit the Radio Announcer, a sportswriter, and the Bull mascot twice -- also league records."

So what was his pitch count? Striking out 18, even if it was three pitches each, is 54 pitches. And there's no way he struck them all out in the minimum number of pitches!

And the walks - the minimum number of pitches is 72. Again, there's no way he threw the minimum.

Plus the aforementioned non playing victims.

Plus the other 9 batters to close out the game (assuming he threw a complete game, and there's no indication at all that he didn't) and any other base runners he didn't actually get out.

We must be talking a pitch count in excess of 200. How reasonable is this? For a young power pitcher, in his debut? No way!

108 193 23 8114 246* 47.73 22 42