This movie was just amazing. It kept me up for two days....No, not because I was scared of it...but because I was thinking of all the other way's I would have spent the dollar and quarter I had if I didn't waste it on this heap of trash. The really sad thing is that I actually bought it thinking it would be a fun night of eighties horror and it was not only too cheap to be even that but when I went to return it to the video store for NO REFUND in an attempt to let them sell it again, the guy behind the counter laughed at me and said "It was my problem--not his anymore" they wouldn't take it back FREE OF CHARGE!! Yes, it was that bad.
OK, if you've seen this movie in the past five or so years you may have noticed how all the music this band was playing sounded like modern Christian rock.(no, not the lyrics--which sounded even worse) It was a laugh from start to end. I loved how this band was supposed to be so great and they open their tour in a high school gym. What was up with that? And was it me or did anybody else notice that the "monster" at the end (and I think it was supposed to be the devil) just danced around in the fire? Didn't that kid with the earring who's dad got sucked into the speaker look like he was in more pain? STOP, DROP AND ROLL....But see that was the sad thing...The producers of this movie thought that was a great scene.
Back to Godzilla dancing around in the fire.....In a movie with more creative writers and anything except a high school director...I would dismiss that as "symbolic" but in this one....I think the producers must have borrowed that costume from a shop and they didn't want to damage it and have to pay a fee. Also in that same scene what was up with that teacher hitting the monster with the soft white tipped stick? Why not just hit him with a Q-tip. The sad, sad, sad thing is that it seemed to work! Oh, then let's not forget that this Damien guy turns into a monster and a bunch of kids see him...but at the end...he's playing at Madison Square?
I've read the review posted on the main page and I must respectfully disagree...This movie reminded me in no way of the fools in the eighties who said that their music made them "do it". If there was a movie that dealt with a rock star who just planted messages in his songs and kids were running amuck but they couldn't figure out how and then if he didn't have to metamorphous into whatever that was supposed to be to get the point across that this was a horror movie...I would actually be interested...but this waste of tape....It really smelled of an attempt to cash in on the hair band craze and used those two idiots who blew their heads off after hearing "Do it" in a song as their basis.On a personal level...I feel this movie failed in both ways...making neither an impact or an impression on me and I walked away (yes...it's possible) stupider for having seen it.
I will give this one a 0 out of 10 with no question...it was bad....so bad...no it was awful...I hope someday this movie is recognized on these boards for what it is...THE WORST MOVIE EVER MADE!


Monster Dog, Ghost Keeper, The Toy Maker and many, many more films are out there that sink lower.

You have not traversed the depths yet my friend.


I don't know whats truly sadder. The fact that you didn't like the movie, or the fact you have so little a life that you need to tell the world how pathetic you are by drolling on and on about how bad the movie was. I guess I am saying to you and most everybody else when I say, if you haven;t made a movie yourself, relegate yourself to the fact the movie sucked and quit your bitching. you lost a dollar and a quarter, get over it. no one feels sorry for you or feels your pain at all. I guess I am pretty lame for responding myself, but at least I admit it. In closing, take the VHS tape of this movie, and knock yourself silly with it, please.

(hopefully someone reads this before IMDB yanks it)


Oh no...clearly this is not in the league of Independence Day which IS the worst film of all time by far. How can you not find the campy humor in the Soprano's very own "Big Pussy" Vincent Pastore in his first movie role as angry dad Mr Ames getting eaten by an evil monster living in his son's Cerwin Vega speaker? I mean c'mon..Carmine friggin Appice!! Being a metal fan I also liked that the band "played" the Lizzy Borden classic -Me Against The World- as the rallying cry for the band-turned-monsters that take over the youth of Mill Basin! By the way...in one of the classroom scenes what gives with the bird chirping too loudly at inopportune times? What's the best way to kill a topless girl-turned-monster? Beat it wth a tennis racket of course! It's kinda the same campiness level as KISS Meets the Phantom of The Park. It's not nearly as polished as say Trick Or Treat but still hilarious! Believe it or not, the soundtrack CD featuring Lizzy Borden, Bang Tango, Hallow's Eve, King Kobra (Carmine Appice's band at the time) is highly sought after on eBay and goes for BIG bucks.


I don't know what is sadder I guy that says "if it is so bad go make your own horror movie" or the guy who tries to make others feel they cant express their opinions on movies...oh they are both you.

oh by the way I have made horror movies and they are better than this crap, so now what? got nothing?



Good for you, gladly put up the IMDB page for your cinematic masterpiece and I'll critique it for you. Your allowed to have your opinion. Say the movie blew and get on with your life. What, you got nothing now?


Man, this isn't even the worst Canadian movie. You want a personal hell: Intercessor: Another Rock n Roll Nightmare, Vampires vs. Zombies, & The Final Sacrifice. Watch those and then say this is worse than all three. I bet you can't.


Vote history: http://www.imdb.com/mymovies/list?l=12320866


F you dummy. Get some taste moron. Black Roses is awesome. It's amusing and the music is great.


high 5 on that *beep* RESPECT THE FASANO!!!!!!!!!


Killme666: Thank you for those suggestions.

Despite the wonderful, presumptive, and informed assessment of myself made by Intricate, I enjoy bad films. It makes the "good ones" look so much worse. In fact, I'd have to honestly say "Troll 2" is among my favorite for any number of reasons. The difference between the two? "Troll 2" didn't take itself seriously, "Black Roses" did.

But, yeah, Intricate? I guess that we who DO NOT like this movie MUST NOT like other "B movies". The notion that you'd think I'm a drooling moron who enjoys mass marketed and recycled garbage-- just because I don't like a movie you do--proves your age and proves you cannot be reasoned with, so I will not try and just give you an equally ripping assessment of yourself to reflect how misinformed your notion is.

If you reply to that, please understand....that is not to start a "internet fight"....it's to show you how you have no idea what my level of interest in "B-movies" is, just like I have no idea on your actual age or level of rationing. "Black Roses" was NOT the only B-movie ever made, it does not represent them all, nor is it the "prototype" that you must enjoy if you love B-movies. In fact, your opinion, like mine is highly subjective. You feel it represents a good B-movie. I don't. I guess the difference is I won't lecture you on what I think makes a good B-movies nor will I assume you know nothing about them because you don't like "Black Roses" or any particular film.

One can assume anything on the internet, but I find it better to let people express who they are through actual human contact and until you do that?

Lets leave the personal assumptions on others out of this. Thanks.

Hedorah99: Why would I report you to IMDB and why would you rip on somebody for making a movie? Are you that scared that others actually do what you are apparently not capable of? Reality is that just because "Black Roses" has made it to IMDB doesn't make it any better than any movie made by even the most novice filmmaker.

You are VERY entitled to your opinion, but your "critique" is pretty insignificant to the world. The difference between me and you is I still feel you're entitled to make it and if you don't like it? I'll at least attempt to logically reason with you as to why you don't. I won't rip you in half for yours, but you will for mine and will rip another poster you've never even set eyes on as if you're Roger Ebert.

That I fail to understand.

I, personally, feel IMDB has NO reason to "yank" your post and am thankful they didn't, because I'd of missed your opinion or unfair suggestions to another poster (which was really uncalled for). I wouldn't suggest you hurt yourself (which too is pretty immature), but thank you for your suggestion. That somebody would suggest that for a dislike of a movie is a touch psychotic, but hey, we're all unique individuals. Right? Maybe we were just raised different or something.

Seriously, you are really good at telling people what you think of them from behind your computer screen (your words on me, telling somebody to post their film so you can randomly pick it apart and give a ferocious critique with no ramifications, your words on Tua), but if you were sitting in the same room as somebody, I assure you that you'd not be that brave. Point is, don't be a punk. If you wouldn't say these things to somebody's face, don't do it online. I know, I know. You would...(rolling eyes)

Maybe that's "lame", but the simple fact that you treat the internet like a platform for a serious artistic critique and YOU a critic is flat out absurd.

That you'd expect somebody to take the time to send you their art, because you ask, shows that you obviously believe your opinion means something greater than the thousands of countless other meaningless opinions (like mine) on the internet. Did you ever consider what value somebody letting you watch his or her film would have?

So an absolute nobody in the film industry could break it down and slam it?

Isn't this is exactly what I did in my original post? And how did you react? The fact that you berated me and told me to beat myself shows how you see things. If you don't agree with it, we should just kill ourselves. I think people reading this can figure that out without sending you a thing.

Sloppypickle: Since I first wrote the post....I met a dude who became a good chum. He knew nearly every band on the soundtrack. A few years back, I re-watched the film and while I'm STILL not a metal fan (nor was I when the movie came out)? My friend had introduced me to some of the groups on the soundtrack and I started to see how this movie may be all right to a "metal" fan.

When I apply a historical context to it, I can't blast the soundtrack as much as before (as in those who watched it then would have likely watched it for the music). So, I see and understand better how a metal fan could appreciate this.

Tua: You clearly understand what a discussion is meant to be about. There is no right or wrong, just opinions here and there. I "honestly" wonder if people come on this board to rip on opinions or read differing ones. That's what I always was taught "discussion" was about. I must of had some bad, bad teachers. You know, discussion must no longer mean reading something that differs from what you think and then countering it with logic? It instantly becomes about tearing into another person. Ironically, there were three or four posters who lectured me about the length of my "rant" and turned around and did the same thing trying to convince me I was a moron for my opinion.

I felt it more fitting to leave it about the movie, never once calling somebody a "moron" for their opinion.But, I guess my ranting on something with a stranger is less valid than attacking someone's character in a heated diatribe where I tell he or she to beat his or herself.

Perhaps the difference in all this is that you or I understand that "Black Roses" is a movie. When you critique a movie, you're critiquing the individual performances, not the people involved. Had I said "So and So is a bad person who smells like horse urine" I'd be getting personal. However, I simply kept it to the film. That some posters turned this into something about my character? Shows just how disillusioned some are. People have the same value as a movie. Just as open for personal criticism. The irony falls in the reality that this was never about somebody personal character, until a few decided to make it that way.

Everybody has his or her own agenda.

I will not doubt for one second that you made a better movie than this. Not one second. ; - )

rgibson103: Man, you guys are loading me down with work! I got my taxes back today and am going to order these off Amazon (I have a collection of about 500 store bought VHS tapes at this point). I got to check out those others you suggested. I can't believe there's anything as bad as this! I really can't.

Melissa: Thank you for your opinion on me. I appreciate that. I didn't think I was a moron, but I guess if you'd rather mention that than discuss the movie, we could. So, what makes me a moron? Because I don't like a movie you do? Wow. That's harsh. But, hey.....glad to know you got your rocks off by tearing into my opinion.

Tibbar: Glad to see you high fiving somebody you'll never actually sit in the same room with. Must feel good.

This drooling moron will see you all in another six years.


"This drooling moron will see you all in another six years."

I honestly hope that in another six years you will have gained enough life experience to appreciate a work of art like "Black Roses." Currently you look through a mirror darkly, but someday -some day-- you will receive the light that will allow you to appreciate this movie and its amazing soundtrack.




If any of you are not aware? This movie falls into the B-movie catagory, that means there are people like myself who enjoy bad movies like this one. This is a B-movie gem and if you don't like b-movies then say the hell away from them, and quit crying about how bad they are( stick to rewatching jaws and the exorsist and the shining for the ten-billonth time). Your tears will never hurt their b-movie awesomness.


This movie is far from being the worst! Just about any recent SyFy "horror" movie on weekends will top this one as the worst. "Ghost Town" anyone? Pffft!

"You can't kill the boogeyman!"
- Tommy Doyle


I've seen worse.