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DVD is in widescreen...anyone seen it yet? Quality?

Like so many fans of this movie, I love my VHS copy, but hopefully the dvd is not just a burned copy of the VHS. Has anyone seen it on dvd yet? Is it really widescreen or just pan and scan with black bars? Mine's on backorder from Amazon...


I think they were reviewing a test copy, but according to this review, the picture and sound are both really good, and you get some nifty bonus features.

I intend to pick this DVD up as soon as I can. I love the movie and I am so glad it's on DVD.

I will ALWAYS have fond memories of first renting it at the little video store I frequent, though. There is just something magical about the memory of picking that slightly dusty, slightly battered VHS box with its gaudy artwork up off the shelf. I'll never forget it.


I just watched this sucker on Bluray, quality was good. Flim had it moments in a creepy B kind of way