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'Heavy Metal Zombies' - A short film that will rock you to hell!!

Sorry for the shameless self-promotion, but I thought some of you might enjoy "Heavy Metal Zombies", a short film some friends and I shot a couple of days ago and just finished editing.

We tried to make it a bit over-the-top and funny, just like some of our fave flicks from the 80s like "The Return Of The Living Dead", "Rock'n'Roll Nightmare" and "I Was A Teenage Zombie".

If you're into Oldschool Heavy Metal music, you might also like the song in the end... it's called "Heavy Metal Zombies" and it's by the band Axewielder from Germany.

Here's the YouTube link... if you like it (or not) please leave some feedback and place a vote.


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I'm just thinking aloud, isn't thinking allowed!?


Not bad man!