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That song is pretty sweet.

You know?


I DO know. I also know the soundtrack is by the band "Troll," which I have been unable to find any mention of anywhere on the internet. The only thing I have been able to find is a Spanish band of the same name ( that is obviously nothing like the band that contributed to this unique movie. I am beginning to think my quest to find this band may never see its glorious conclusion.


"I also know the soundtrack is by the band "Troll [...]"

You sure? The very first song you see the band play is "Me Against the World" by Lizzy Borden off the "Visual Lies" album.


The band is made up of members of a lot of other Heavy Metal and Hard Rock bands of the 80's. Mick Sweda and Alex Masi were the guitarists. I believe that Carmine Appice was Drums and I believe that Mark Free was the singer. This is their only release.

The producers/Director added songs from real established bands at the time as well to augment the soundtrack, like Lizzy Borden and King Cobra. Four or Five songs on the soundtrack were by the newly created super group while the rest of the 10 songs were by Various Artists. It has been a very long time since I have heard it since a friend of mine had it on cass so I am taking this from memory from over 10 years ago.

The soundtrack is awesome even if the movie isn't.



Just to clarify, when you say "the band" you are referring to the group actually credited as Black Roses on the soundtrack, right? Thanks for that info! I was really wondering. Now I just need to find out two things: firstly, verify Mark Free was the vocalist, and secondly, learn who wrote those songs! Probably a professional team.

Anyway, for anyone interested, I found the complete track list. Here ya go.

1. Dance On Fire / Black Roses
2. Soldiers Of The Night / Black Roses
3. I'm No Stranger -- Bang Tango
4. Rock Invasion / Black Roses
5. Paradise (We're On Our Way) / Black Roses
6. Me Against The World -- Lizzy Borden
7. Take It Off / King Cobra
8. King Of Kool / David Michael Phillips
9. Streetlife Warrior -- Tempest
10. D.I.E. / Hallow's Eve

Released on Metal Blade.


Yep cassette lists Mark Free as vocals

Dance on Fire
Solomons, Woltman, Sweda, Free, Appice, Wright

Soldiers of the Night
Masi, Sweda Woldtman, Solomon, Free

Rock Invasoin
Masi, Sweda, Woltman, Free, Solomon

Paradise (We're On Our Way)
Solomon, Kinoin, Free

Thats what the tape lists.


Hi there,
If anyone ever gets an mp3 of Paradise (were on our way) please let me know...that song rocks!!!
I love the bit were the lead singer sings this song in that eighties white coat and the gave me an eighties vibe!!!
I even know most of the lyric...(ahem......"My home an ordinary place....way deep down...there are fires burning an ordinary man...who dreams of the stars...were on the road to paradise...running around our hearts are breaking...breaking through the ice...were on our paradise...ect!!!)...round of applause lol


Mark Free very talented singer.