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What us your favorite line from the movie?

Mine is: "Is this how we dress for the office? You look like a blood clot."

Yoda needs to give me some better advice, or Yoda needs to shut the *beep* up!


I have two:

"Do you keep your brains & your ballsin that briefcase?"


"Is a frog's ass watertight?"


I have so many!

"Got my Tuesday panties on but I guess you know that too!"

"Could you put a little more fire into this fish? I think I just heard it holler help!"

"Rose look! Red wine and cheeses of the world!"

My all time favourite that cracks me up everytime is:

Rose: Oh my lord there's a sink in the living room
Sadie: That's what the French call a bidet
Rose: (tries to perch on the sink) Well the French must be taller than me.



Looks like someone beat me to it: "What's the problem??? Have you got your brains and your balls in your briefcase?"

and "Is a frog's ass water-tight?"

Sadie: "Oh my God. How'd I get so FAT? I look like a wall-eyed salmon! They must've used a wide-angle lens..."
Rose: "No they didn't - see, I look thin."

Oh, and it's not a line, but the expressions alone are worth posting about - every time Rose realizes one of her shoulder pads has fallen into her sleeves, I literally fall to the ground in hysterics. Seriously, that first time it happens in the company meeting was the initial reason I kept watching the movie the first time I saw it on TV years ago! (Well, plus it's Midler AND Tomlin...times two!)
"Don't fck with me, I guarantee you I'm crazier."


I love that line too!!!
I just think how Bette uses her eyes and gives the filthiest of looks makes me laugh! I just seem to find it hilarious when actresses behave like diva-ish b****es in films, like Goldie Hawn in Overboard!? Another favourite of mine.

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For some reason I get the giggles watching Roone eat a croissant and then saying, "Is that what'cher worried about? Finding the Ratliffes? Lemme finish my Pop-Tarts here and I'll take you right to 'em."


I have to say I love all of those lines, but one I don't see mentioned here is Sadie's little speech in the elevator, near the end:

"I hate grits. And I hate men who smell like beer and BEAN dip! And I hate... makin' looove in the back of recreational VEE-hicles!"

It kills me!!



DESK BOY: I get off at 10, and I'd love to see the view from your room."
SADIE SHELTON: Well, we certainly can look forward to that!


SADIE SHELTON: What fantasy is this? Are we hearing voices now? Like Joan of Arc?


SADIE RATLIFF: You're in America now. Speak American.


ROSE RATLIFF: You can't out-snake me! tssssst tssssst tsssssst


Just finished watching it about 5 mins ago.When she introduces the stockholders meetings as carrington getting mixed up with dynasty.The scene in the toilet where one of them says this is like invasion of body snatchers and she says she was at the premier.



Ok I wrote it out how they said it. I know things are misspelled. '

"Red WHAIIN and Cheeses from the world"

"It looks to me like Rune Demmick is WALKING off the course!" (Just the WAY it all played out how it was being taken so seriously)

"Oh Really?...Euro trash." *Smug*

"Got on my Tuesday panties, but I guess you know that too"

Brains and balls one. Classic!

"She's a DAMN fool"

"Oh You're sly".....2 meanings

"I could usea Tenee fish sannnitch"

"And the food, back home we'd use this as BAIT!"

"Nuthin like rockin on your porch 'round Twilight time"

Everything Rune said. And the way he said it.

"Hey I like you KamOna, you get that from Nam??"

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