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I saw this movie, and enjoyed most of it, but I couldn't figure out the ending. At the end, The women and the guy are in the cave trying to close the gates of hell, so the girl throws the amulet down a hole and it explodes in her face. Then, a zombie sneaks up behind the guy and sticks it's hand trough his stomach. Then we see the girls face melt off and she turns around and spits up that green crap that the zombies in this movie feel the need to barf up every few seconds.


alreet i think this is what happened:

the woman and the man are in the alcove thing and she reads from the book of the dead that in order t close the gates of hell one must sacrifice their soul. she throws the amulet because earlier in the move she talks about how her mother gave it to her to keep the gates shut. so she throws it into the pit (throught the gates of hell i think), the explosion is some sort of gate closing reaction and she becomes a zombie becuase she has sacrificed her soul. so all the cast are dead, but the gates of hell are closed! hoorah!!!

i thought this movie was embarassing



They activated a ritual that backfired and, as a result, were possessed.




Oh, so it's kinda like the ending to The Beyond...only not.

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I can't decide which ending sucks more organic zombie joystick - this or Zombie 3.