The Draft??

Kieffer and RDJ graduated high school making them 18 (legal draft age) I realize thwt the draft was handled (at first) my birthday range numbers but wouldn't after all those war years their number have called? So far this movie is lame so I am turning it off (maybe it explains later on?)) The acting is just too crappy to finsh...


I grew uo during that time.
There were war protest in Cleveland too. We were still underage, but we went to see them.
after I turned 18 in September, I had to register for the draft, it was the law.
Sometime in the summer I got my draft notice but was already in boot camp with the Coast Guard.

The movie does have its good points and it has the music from back then which is a plus.



My father registered for the draft in 1969. He was never called up. One of his younger brothers registered in 1971, was drafted a couple of months later. Served in the Navy in Vietnam.

I had a Lt. Colonel who used to brag he served in Vietnam, and he did. He was a pilot, rank of Lieutenant. I found out later he served at an airport just the last few weeks the US was there. He saw no action though he bragged as if he did. My Uncle who served saw action, he rarely talks about being in Vietnam. Take that as you will.


I am on the road less traveled...


There was also the factor of the student deferment, which applied to me because I was in college. Then, in my third year, iirc, they instituted the lottery, in which I got a very high number, which made the possibility of being drafted almost nil. Of course, I don't know how much this applies to the film's two characters, since I don't think they were in school - but if they escaped the draft for 2-3 years, they may have received a high number and could forget about it. A stretch, I know...not very likely.