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I love the wonder years but...

I don’t know why they casted Fred savage as the lead. He looks like some small weird old man. Also, wtf with mom’s busted face??! Eww.
The dad was ok, but that waterhead brother was a complete creep.
I don’t even want to talk about the daddy issues the whore sister seemed to have.
Winnie Cooper is the obvious star of the show and really the only reason to watch.


Howard Stern had a great segment talking about this problem because it happened to him.

When Fred Savage was first cast, he was prepubescent and considered 'cute' by most. (Watch the first season)

Then the series aged and he hit puberty, like many boys turning into men, lost his cuteness, hitting the awkward years.

Stern said IT HAPPENED TO ME! I was a good looking boy then puberty hit and Whamo girls were running for the hills.


What do you mean by Mom's busted face?

Wayne was supposed to be a scuzzbucket, it definitely worked. His insecurities about not being smart were well acted by Jason Hervey.

Karen was a rebellious hippie. It WAS the late 60's/early 70's. And yes she was definitely estranged from her Dad. There were a handful of episodes that showed this. Are you sure you watched the entire series?

I do agree Winnie was the best character though.

So you loved it but the only reason you watched it was for one character. Interesting.


Yeah sorry. I didn’t realize these issues had been addressed already.


No worries! Did you originally start this thread before you finished the series?


Nah. Winnies lines were often quite weak. Her character was no where near dominant but important.

Wayne was an a**hole for the first 3 season but his character was awesome in the last 2 seasons.

Yeah there were some weak moments generally but if you love nostalgia, a great series.