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Disney CEO Bob Iger says deciding to fire Roseanne Barr from Roseanne "took about five was easy to make"

Iger tells Oprah Winfrey on OWN's Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations podcast that he didn’t think “there was any circumstance that would make that right," referring to Barr's tweet about Valerie Jarrett. “It took about five minutes to know what we had to do,’ he said. “It seemed completely insensitive, completely disrespectful. It was very clear. The decision, it was easy to make. What she had done was very, very clear. I didn’t believe any context could make this better or acceptable or could result in us forgiving her. So we did it. And you also know, in today’s world, if there’s a decision to be made by you, make it — because otherwise the world will make it for you, and that’s never good.”


Bob Iger can go to hell, along with his predecessor, Eisner.

This isn't necessarily about Roseanne, though I think they were very hypocritical and nasty to her once she left the Plantation. I'm angry at both men for ruining Disney and corrupting it.


I literally don't even remember what she said. It was a hundred years ago. Screw this asshat jackal.


What I find interesting is the fact of her own sitcom being oft-observed for it's less than 'respectful' depiction of a demographic - the male sex. Wildly hateful generalizations uttered in almost every episode, denigration of dads. But, 'jokes' right? It's cute and 'for laughs'.

(She's also leveled false accusations of abuse against her father, FWIW. Not as a joke.)

She makes one weird misguided joke - about not a demographic but a person, which has debatably racist undertones, but still obviously intended as a joke (in which she denies racist intentions) ... she's so unforgivably bigoted she doesn't deserve to work again. Despite her long established credentials in advocating for equality and diversity, something attested to by her peers (and which lends validity to her denial).
And I guess it didn't help that she was supporting a president people aren't supposed to like.

Just the usual incoherency of social justice culture.