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Couldn't they just kill off Roseanne and keep the show?

It seems a bit unfair for everyone else involved in the show if its gets cancelled.

Why not just kill Roseanne off and keep the show?

Her character's absence from the show could then be explained by for example her immigrating to another country.


You have inspired me to come up with a delicate compromise that would satisfy both Roseanne's supporter and detractors, as well as keep the show going.
Here is my proposal:
Show is renewed for another season.
On the very first episode of the next season, Roseanne's character will be killed off by either: a) wrathful members of the Muslim Brotherhood; or b) angry evolved ape people from the future. Both of these groups featured prominently in her fateful tweet.
The show goes on and Roseanne appears in each subsequent episode as a ghost who haunts her family.

In addition, Valerie Jarrett will be allowed to direct the key episode proposed above.



It's also possible the show folded because Wanda Sykes, one of the producers and contributors, left the show after Barr's comments. Wanda is a very creative and talented person, and could have been one of the main people responsible for its success.

Either way, her departure certainly contributed to the show getting cancelled.


Perhaps they could have her character go off to a Trump rally and somehow get stuck in the middle of a skirmish that ensues when some White Supremacists show up to support know, have the camera on her character (but we only see the back of Roseanne standing in the crowd) and then show what happens when racists come out to play...cue in with the camera going down showing a scattering of feet in a frenzy and that will be how the character dies...not all Trump supporters are racists but have her character show up in the wrong place at the wrong time...

Don't bring the show back...just do it that way...



So, do you think the producers read your post, or something?
(Minus the immigrating part, of course.)

(And I know this happened over a year ago. But no one returned to point it out!)


Hahahaha, thankfully that's what they did.