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Wanted: episode 'Warzone' to complete my set

Does anyone out there have a copy of the episode "Warzone" to sell / copy / loan / trade / whatever?

I had a few episodes from where the series was originally shown here in the U.K., and recently got hold of the rest of the episodes, bar "Warzone".
I'd really like to get hold of it to complete my set.

I can trade other episodes, or pay a reasonable price, or whatever. If anyone has a copy, e-mail me at: [email protected]

Thank you kindly =)


Don't know if this helps, but there's a UK website that specializes in old TV series. I ordered the Highwayman series just last week. I'm watching it right now, as a matter of fact.

The image quality isn't exactly stellar - apparently the DVD sets are made from old VHS recordings.

Anyway, here's the site:


Thanks for the info, the site looks great. (I'm UK myself, so that helps). I searched for Highwayman but not sure if it's just the Pilot or the whole series. If it's the series, I'll probably go for it, that way I'll have my a mixture of my original VHS recordings, US vhs-to-dvd copies, and these, so should have a pretty good set between them! =)


It's the entire series including the pilot, so I'm guessing you're out of excuses for not getting it now! :-)


I ordered the set (along with 'Tales Of The Gold Monkey', which I've been after for years), so now I have the entire series. In fact, now I have triple copies of most episodes, hehe!

I've just watched the episode I had missing, "Warzone", and it was great. A bit of a 'Highwayman' version of 'First Blood' in some ways, and the final sequence is amazing.

Anyway, if there are any fans of this unjustly short-lived series out there, I can really recommend, very prompt service, and the whole series for just over £10 is really good value.

(Also, fans might like to check out the show's entry on Wikipedia, which was just a few lines, and I have expanded out into a full summary of the series, including episode guide -



Congrats! I'm glad the info was useful. I agree, it's a very interesting site that is in fact very true to its name. :)


do you have a copy of the episode "the hitchhaker"? I want to see the episode now, because at the time of the original broadcast (here in germany 1992) I was to young and afraid :-). thank you for an answer.