Memory Lane

I just bought the cd from raretv, ok so its not top quality and the adverts are still in it but it really brought back some memories, I only saw this show on its uk run in the early 90's but absolutely loved it. The design that went into the trucks was amazing, they could have just modded some standard trucks. The alien ep scared me silly when I saw it. Wish it had run abit longer.

"Operator, get me the number for 911" - Homer JAY Simpson


This was the first show I ever remember loving as a kid of about 6 or 7 years old. I know there were other shows I watched, but I always loved this one. When it got cancelled my parents didn't have the heart to tell me, so they just pulled out the Star Wars movies and hoped I'd forget about it.

I did, but I'd love to have it on dvd.

Any word yet on possible official copies, or should we expect the dvds to remain "unofficial" for the forseeable future?


wow, fire up the way back machine... LOL I was actualy IN an episode of this.
Most of the filming was done in and around phoenix AZ, and there was an episode shot at Eldorado Park in scottsdale az, (the park dbled supposedly for central park! HAHAHA) they had crime tape set up, and me and my best friend were riding our bikes thru the park, saw it, and quite literaly rode right up to the tape, and into the shot... we had no idea what was going on. some guy came over and told us it looked good, and could we do it again.
cpl months later, we actualy got to see ourselfs on the show... even if for only a few seconds.