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The only realistic equivalent of a Daredevil film

Looking for an alternative to another wasted opportunity with a marvel character(though not purely all bad)namely Daredevil the movie; then look no further than Above the Law A.K.A Wrighting wrongs!

This is Daredevil 1, the real Daredevil, obviously without the superhuman powers. Yuen Biao and Cynthia Rothrocks best film.


Thank you for saying that...

i have been looking for this movie for so long, it was one of those decent movies yen biao acted. Its good to see at least one person from IMDB who remembered how awesome this movie was and will remain. I haven't seen it in 6 years, but i believe the original feel of the movie has been long lost, since as a child the scenes would most likely look believeable. The movie as a whole was great... and deserves recognition. If i do find it on ebay, i will try to post it over at mytube for the world to see.


I'm getting Righting Wrongs for Christmas!