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and i'm proud to be an american!

i'm glad somebody was brave enough to make a movie that showed the evils of arabs even when america was ruled by the liberal literatti. they should make a sequel with native american(and i use the term loosely) terrorists.



"even when america was ruled by the liberal literatti?" The Gipper was president when this movie was made. That's Ronald "The Great Forgetter" Reagan. He was anything but liberal. He laid the groundwork for Arnold Schwarzenegger. Schmuck with marginal acting skills + a marginal platform="Perfect Leader(cough cough)". And "the evils of arabs". This movie is about Libyans. And then there's "they should make a sequel...". Forget what you said at the end of that remark, you should be banished from civilization for even suggesting that a sequel be made for this steaming heap. I'm from the town where this movie was filmed, and I'm proud of the fact that maybe 100 people outside of indiana know about this movie. But, wouldn't it be awesome if they made a Special Edition DVD, MST3K style. I'm there.