Surf Nazis in The Lost Boys

In the credits for The Lost Boys, Surf Nazis are listed. I assumed they were a group of the kids hanging on the beach at night when the Lost Boys flew over or maybe a group at the carnival.


I was confused about the same thing. Wiki says:

"As was the case for many of Warner Brothers' films at the time, Craig Shaw Gardner was given a copy of the script and asked to write a short novel to accompany the film's release. It was released in paperback by Berkley Publishing and is 220 pages long. It includes several scenes later dropped from the film such as Michael working as a trash collector for money to buy his leather jacket. It expands the roles of the opposing gang, the Surf Nazis, who were seen as nameless victims of the vampires in the film."


Urban Dictionary:

"The term "surf nazi" has been in use since the fifties to describe someone who was unconditionally devoted to surfing.

As surfing became more mainstream, local surfers became more territorial, and the term is commonly used to describe an aggressively territorial surfer."

So apparently, there's no connection between those two films, neither are 'Surf Nazis' Nazis in general.


didn't they kill a group of surfers partying on the beach at night with a bonfire ?