Least Favorite Troma

I remember this seeming like Troma was taking themselves too serious for the first 20 minutes and really didn't like this one, unlike the many other Tromas I've seen since high school. And tonight I was still not impressed with it for the first 20 minutes. But it did pick up - unlike I remembered it.

I think I expected more from a Troma film to just open up and jump at you from the word go and this one didn't. The set up was too long and that's not characteristic for Troma films.

BTW: My son was born the week this came out and now he's emailing me to watch it on Netflix. I followed it with Nuke 'Em High and I was about to get to Toxic but I got distracted by Killer Klowns from Outer Space, so I went that direction to end my night.

Great memories though. I still love Troma (even Poultrygeist still keeps with the tradition, even though I'm not a big musical fan).


So many more were worse than this "Alien Blood", "Actium Maximus", "Meat Weed Madness" just to name a few