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Please post your feelings of this movie here.

I am in high school and we recently had a substitute and our teacher made us watch this movie, I was thinking great another stupid school movie, boy was i wrong, this is an awesome movie, the acting is superb from people ho you've never heard of and the story is great, it is very inspiring and you never get bored with the story, i felt like i knew these kids and their lives, because i come from mexican heritage it is awesome to understand how mexicans can soemtimes be treated in this country. Please post your feelings on this great movie right here, whether there good or bad.

I Ain't Mad At Cha!!!!! But I will be if you don't shut the *beep* up!!!


Good movie. I like the L.A. setting, the acting, and the likeable kids.

I do feel some aspects were a little weak. Its shown that he reached the kids, but what exactly made him so special that he could do what the other teachers couldn’t. Was it because he told a lot of jokes? That he was Latino, like they were?

And no student would’ve voluntarily went to class during Xmas vacation or summer break.


I am surprised they don't show this like they used too.

It is a great film.


It's an ok film the problem is there are so many of this type out there.