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Relation to Beetle Juice?

Its funny I kept finding little bits that reminded me of Beetle Juice, number one Keaton's acting is very similar in the two. Second shrunken heads, then a bunch of other things he went to a carnival with his wife, he isn't married but was before like in Beetle Juice, its in New York City the Deetzes arrive from New York City, the movie is strange and has a lot of night scenes with weird green red and blue lighting flickering. There is a fat villain in both with slick back hair, and both are strange fat villains, there is a giant triceratops made out of TV's and Keaton has half of it in his living room (well its a metal sculpture) and the Delia Deetz has crazy weird sculptures too, Keaton is struggling to for money in both (well beetle juice just wants a job I guess). Keaton never actually kills anyone but he gets pretty close, theres probably a bunch of other things you can find but it is just funny Keaton's performance was so similar in both movies even though he is undead in one. Its probably just coincidence but the shrunken heads thing is just too out there to be just a coincidence, I wonder if someone in the art department was a fan of this movie or if they had worked on both. Anyone know for sure?