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The Dark One the voice of Prince Zordar?

the person who does the voice for the dark one in this movie (and is not credited) sounds just like the person who voiced prince zordar on the star blazers animated series (whose credit i likewise cannot find).

anyone else notice this or have any info?


Never seen STAR BLAZERS. Could be the girl character's father voicing him for all I know.

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I thought he sounded liked that robot voice from the Carpenters' "Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft."


actually Sean to me it sounded like "John Carradine" uncredited of course.


I thought it sounded a lot like Larry Blamire who directed, wrote and starred in the "Lost Skeleton of Cadavra" movies, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't.

Still, it didn't stop me from saying "... I SLEEP NOW!" every time the Dark One was finished speaking :o)

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