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Haven't seen this since I was thirteen years old...

All I remember is an empty high school, George Clooney with really bad hair looking into a classroom full of skeletons (or at least something along the lines of that) and Maureen McCormick at the end of the movie as a police officer/crime scene tech.

I remember being thirteen and at Borders and seeing the DVD and convincing to my dad to buy it for me for $9.99, and being utterly perplexed when I went home and watched it. I don't remember much about it, but I do remember that it was a strange flick with a weird tone to it.

Anyway, I was at a local CD/DVD shop today and found this (along with a plethora of other great Anchor Bay horror titles— "Fear No Evil", "The Dead Next Door", "Dawn of the Dead") and simply had to buy it for nostalgia's sake; can't wait to re-visit it. I got rid of the copy I'd had as a kid a long time ago.


It probably won't make much more sense now that you are older.


^ Um, ditto. It almost makes less sense this time, but I enjoyed it for the nostalgia factor. I remember being thoroughly puzzled by it when I first watched it.