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Can anyone help me find some more films like this?

I was wondering if anyone could help me by sujesting some more films, like this one, which I could buy.
Anything from the 80's, scary or camp with dark humor or tromaesque type things.

I have brought the following films, so if you can name anything not on the list for me to add to my ever growing collection, well that would be just super now =)

Ok I have just brought

April fools day
friday the 13th pt 2 & 3
Class of nuke 'em high
Toxic avenger 1, 2 &3
Surf nazis must die
return to horror high
once bitten
Chearleader camp
chopping mall<------------ I really liked this one, anymore that are like this?
manic cop 1&2
Return of the living dead 1,2 &3<----- seen them before but never owned them.
basket case
Prom night 2
House<--------- What are the sequels like? any good?

Any help you can give would be great , thanks in advance

( Sorry if you have read this thread on another film, just wanted to get as many points of view as poss)

" Arrgghhh he's got an arm off "


Hi there,

I grew up watching many late 80s horror films like the one's you've mentioned. I decided to reply because "Chopping Mall" is one of my all-time favorites.

Check out the following as I highly recommend:

The Stuff (Gore/Cheese) - Ice cream that kills!
Night of the Creeps (Gore/Dark Humor) - Aliens slugs infest college kids brains
Creepshow 2 (Gore) - 3 different stories - quote "Thanks for the ride lady!"
Evil Dead II (Gore/Humor)- The best of the best!
Night of the Comet (Gore/Cheese) - A comet turns people into dust or mutants
Evil Toons (Gore/Nudity) - Cartoon demons stalk four girls in haunted mansion
Maximum Overdrive (Gore/Cheese) - Trucks and machines come alive!
Re-Animator - (Gore/Comedy) -Probably the funniest & goriest 80s horror flick
Dead Alive - Gore/Comedy) - Lots and lots of gore
Nightmare on Elm Street III (Horror/Comedy) - The best one in the series
Killer Klowns From Outer Space (Horror/Cheese) - The title should say it all

The closest movies I think your gonna get to "Chopping Mall" are:

Hardware (Sci-fi/gore) - A population controlling robot stalks woman in apt.
Class of 1999 (Sci-fi/gore) - Robot teachers and unruly students collide
Demons(aka Dèmoni) -Demons attack those trapped in a West Berlin movie theater
Demons(aka Demoner) -Demons attack tenants trapped in their apartment building
Feast (2005) - Patrons are locked in a bar forced to fight monsters

Recent films worth mentioning:
May (Gore/Dark Comedy) - "If you can't find a friend... make one."
The Mist - (Gore/Cheese) - A throwback to 80s b-movies/direct to videos
The Host - (Horror) <Foreign/Asian> Awesome effects as sea creature attacks

Also, if you liked "House", you'll dig "The Gate".

I'll actually be watching "Return to Horror High" for the first time tonight on the 'Chiller Network' (DirecTV). Hope it's decent!


Thank you sooooo much for replying and the films you mentioned.

I'm going to check out the Gate, Maximum overdrive, Class of 1999 and Hardware sounds right up my street !

I'm having real trouble trying to get hold of Night of the creeps, seems to only be on ebay every now and again, and then it goes up to a stupid amount of money, I don't suppose you know where would be a good place to get hold of a copy, especially if it's the special ed?

I thought return to horror high was fun, but ultimatly really confusing, I had no idea what was going on at one point, and I pride myself on being able to follow non liner films lol

" Arrgghhh he's got an arm off "


Yeah, "Night of the Creeps" as well as a lot the movies I listed are going to be hard to find.

I'm pretty sure I got my copy off Ebay and probably paid too much. The Ebay DVD was DVD-R copy with a Xerox'd color cover, but video quality still looks good.

Most of these I own on VHS. And I've noticed when I do come across them on DVD, they're usually pretty expensive.

Happy Hunting!


Ah yes, I think that maybe the copy I'm currently watching on ebay.

What did you think of Return to horror high?



I remember a few that would fall into the April Fools' Day type of horror movies:

Happy Birthday to Me

Student Bodies

I am almost embarrassed to admit it, but I really liked both of them. They were campy fun.


hey there, thanks for the reply, I actually managed to get a copy of student bodies, i thought it was great fun. It was quite cool that it got a name check in the going to pieces documentary too.




When I saw this movie, it actually reminded me a lot of Stagefright (aka Deliria)

- but Stagefright was MILES ahead of this turkey though.. people actually DID die in the movie, and not all this "oh, it was just a dream"-bullsh!t..

Hope you'll find it interesting.

By the way, House 3 (aka The Horror Show, as it's not really a sequel) is the only one of those movies I've seen, but it was great fun.



Street Trash
Neon Maniacs
Blood Diner
Psychos in Love
There's Nothing Out There('92, but does poke fun at 80's horror)
Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers
Bad Taste
Basket Case
Brain Damage
The Pit
The Video Dead
Troma's War
Thou Shalt Not Kill...Except
Tim Ritter's Truth or Dare, and Killing Spree
Long Island Cannibal Massacre
Rabid Grannies
Nigh of the Demons
Flesh Eating Mothers

Hey, this guy's not gonna leak all over my ice cream, is he?


hey, thanks so much for the help =) I just had a look on ebay and I think i'm going to go for street trash and blood diner.I'm also going to get the burning. Do you know of any good horror film reference books? I have the video hound ones and the horror films of the 1980s book, but i'd like one that is a little more focused on slashers/80's films.

thanks again


Some others Deadtime Stories, Sorority House Masacare I & II, 976-Evil, Demon Wind, Silent Night Deadly Night, The Prowler, and Maniac.


I love old horror movies that are so terrible they are funny. Some of my favorites are:

Gingerdead Man
Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (not so much horror, but still hilariously bad)

Right now I'm watching Ghoulies II, and it looks promising. :)

I will have to watch a few of the movies suggested here. :)


Full Moon High

Saturday the 14th

Troll 2