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Where's the rest of the security staff?

My question is during the climax, why are the only people left in the school Latimer and Phillips? Yeah Emile shows up out of no where to save the day, but where the hell were the rest of the security staff? At least they could have had Victor and a few more goons try to take over the school with the rest of the security staff. Weird that the entire staff left without sticking around to help.


I simply dont recall Emile being at the End of the movie to save Ricks life or save the day.

The person who interferes with Victor after killing JoJo when pointing the gun at Rick is either Esai Morales or Arturo.

Its Arturo who heads back in the school after he is supposed to walk Miss Orozco back to her car.

I never remember seing Emile but only the last time we see him is at the Hospital recovering from his attack and near death.


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and why werent they clearing the bathrooms after school? woulda prevented the assault and attempted rape on ms orozco . white dude shoulda never been able to hide in the bathroom like that till after school...

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