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Dennis Dun, perfect in Little China, Was Horribly Miscast

Even the guy from RIPTIDE, Thom Bray, would have made a far better reluctant sarcastic guy than Dun, who was perfect as, when you get down to it, the main star/hero in Carp's Big Trouble in Little China with Kurt Russell basically cheering him on...

This was an important role here; the only character providing some humor and levity over the very gruesome and intense story, and the most human of the bunch we all want to live, like Jeff Goldblum later in Jurr Park, or Richard Dreyfuss in JAWS... But he seemed like he was reading his lines and his performance doesn't seem natural...

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Who was Dennis Dun, the Asian guy?

If so, yes, his acting in this film was lackluster at best. And his attempts at comic relief in this film were never funny.


I was okay with him. His performance was not as good when he was complaining about his weekend plans.


PoD was a good movie that suffered from a bad script. Dun was, as you said, spectacular in BTiLC. Few people seemed good in this and I chalk that up to the bad script. I really enjoy the story and much of the directing in this though. Never mind Alice Cooper and the homeless threat. smh