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I came up with a new theory about the ending of this film

I came across a theory I put together about this film regarding the ending when the two women go through the mirror portal. Please don't laugh. Its just my opinion about the ending. Anyway when Catherine jumped into the mirror with the possessed Kelly and the priest broke it, it seemed that Kelly was the only one with the power to open the mirror to the anti-universe to bring Father out. Since all of the liquid went into her and that made her move things telekinicly. The possessed Cadler tried to touch the mirror and couldn't open it. It seemed that non of the possessed had this power only Kelly had! Anyway when Kelly went into the mirror along with Catherine, obviously the green liquid was in her when she went through the mirror. Perhaps she still had the power to open the mirror but needed someone from our world to also be by a mirror. That's where Brian comes in. Perhaps when Brian was trying to figure out a way to free Catherine, he was trying to play around with a mirror logically, and that was all that the possessed Kelly really needed on the other side to open the mirror. So Brian might have thought that he was opening the mirror on his end,it was Kelly with that green liquid power still in her, that was actually doing it and Brian pulled them all back into our world. That could be why the new future was showing Catherine's face at the ending of the film. It is reasonable to assume that Brian was after all obsessed with a way to free his love Catherine He would logically be by mirrors touching it and trying to find a way to do what the possessed Kelly did. Remember no other possessed person in the film had that ability to open the mirror portal except Kelly. And when she was thrown into the mirror along with Catherine, it was just what Satan needed to get them all out. There was a reason why the green liquid was on our side of the mirror. It was powers that was safe here in our world. Anyway so sorry about my raving, but what do you all think of this theory of mine? Please lets hear some good comments!


The enter key is your friend.


There's a hole in this idea.

The book.

We can assume that the professor has the empty canister and book in deep storage.

To keep hidden from all eyes.

But that book is validation of Satanists - and the college students didn't finish translating the tome; events unfolded that almost ended the world.

The book more than likely has the way to re-open that portal. A book they would kill to possess.

You assume that Brian did it. More than a decade had passsed when the reformed Catherine appeared outside the church in the future. There may have very well been another hand in disaster unfolding.

And it could be a distraught Brian who has been sending the signal back in time to change the past. Not his voice in the messages. I do not believe he is foolish enough to kill the planet to save Catherine.

But he would continue to work on a way to save the future - knowing that humanity is doom if it continues with Evil unabated. The survivors working to save us all.

They know the Devil is real.

There was a reason why the green liquid was on our side of the mirror

Wasn't there a line in the movie about the son being left behind to open the door to allow father to pass. I don't think it can be opened from the other side.