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The Brotherhood of Sleep... Cooler Title?

I was thinking it might be. Prince of Darkness is ok but a bit to vague or something. Or strong, in its... epicness. I don't know.

I dug the movie though and didn't always. It had to grow on me. This is kind of like... John Carpenter's Mean Streets. His own creation entirely and a labor of love, only it's after his fame, and sadly, the beginning of his decline, but not because of this movie. Something happened though as the late 80's veering into the 90's. I think his sort of Neo Noir Thrillers were ok. Invisible Man is a guilty pleasure and the guiltiest of all pleasures is Village of the Damned, but, anyhow... Always thought the title of this movie just was never narrow enough to make people interested. For Carpenter... who ventures into the dark side through suspense and mostly implied horror (though he is considered the MASTER of it: and maybe that's why)... naming a film after the Devil himself is like if John Wayne tried to tease audiences with a feature called The Cowboys.... Oh wait... One of Carpenter's stock actors was IN that movie and... anyhow... I'm just rambling silly...

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No, the Brotherhood of Sleep is not a cooler title.

Prince of Darkness is not vague at all. It's well-known as one of Satan's aliases, and this movie is about Satan.


Exactly... And at the end of the day, it needed to find an audience, therefore the title fit. I know JC calls this a film that disappointed at the Box Office and "Caught life on video" as many of his films have done. I suppose that's true in a sense but it made $13.5mil on a budget of $3mil, I'd say that's a success in 1987, even if another million was used in release. I bet JC made a pretty penny. I actually like the title, because as basic as it might seem, it doesn't really get into the complexity of the film. You can't watch 30min of it and justify a bad review, as many people seem to do. 'In the Mouth of Madness' is similar, in the sense that you no review really does it justice. It truly needs to be viewed to understand it at all. Very underrated.