Jameson Parker's upper lip

is very distracting throughout PoD. It's just so damn fruity - even more so than Vernon Wells' in Commando. If you want a muzzy done right then look no further than Tom 'the tash' Atkins. Now that's a guy who can sport a hairy lip with masculine authority.


whats weird is that Tom doesn't look as cool without stache. he just looked off in The Fog.

If time is not true, what purpose have watchmakers?


I thought the 'stache was distracting too. It was so....golden.
It made him look sleazy, and almost ugly. And Jameson Parker isn't an ugly man.

I suppose it was to make him look like a quirky tough-to-read college guy.

And I guess it worked, as his personality & motives were hard to decipher.

I'd say this cloud is Cumulo Nimbus.
Didn't he discover America?
Penfold, shush.


and i swear it's crooked. in some shots more than others.


Everyone in this community college is no less than 48 years old. Man, woman and child is sleeping over in a church with no mention of their families back home.

Jameson Parker himself mentions that he's a grand-father MULTIPLE times during the opening scenes in Professor Burkack "The Wacky Tack..Oh He's Back!"'s class.

If you watch closely you can see them age during the film. You might need a better TV but you can borrow mine. Not tonight though. For tonight I need to watch Doug Bradley in Hellraiser 3: Hell on Earth. That is what's going on tonight.