without charme

As kid i grow up in the german speaking part of Europe with the original swedish movie and Tv-Serie version "Pippi Långstrump" (Pippi Langstrumpf) with Inger Nilsson.

Compared with the swedish and american version I have to say, the swedish version is much better the US-Version. It has so much more charme.

Well, its just my mind and I guess you american guys never had the chance to see the original version.

Many books of Astrid Lindgren got a film / TV Serie version.


I've seen it. I've seen all of the original Swedish version (all 13 episodes, plus the two theatrical follow-up movies Pippi in the South Seas and Pippi on the Run), as well as the two German-produced compilations of the TV series (Pippi Longstocking and Pippi Goes on Board). I also saw the German serialized TV versions of Pippi in the South Seas and Pippi on the Run, both of which have deleted scenes not seen in the original Swedish version, so that makes them a treat!

The two German compilations (Pippi Longstocking and Pippi Goes on Board) and the German editions of the two Swedish movies (Pippi in the South Seas and Pippi on the Run) indeed made it here to theaters in the US. So we did get to see them, although one has to watch the original Swedish versions (it'd be great if they were subtitled) to truly appreciate the performances, as well as the fact that Inger Nilsson herself sang the original theme!

I liked the 1988 American movie. It's my other favorite version of Pippi, as it was my first exposure. The Northern Florida settings and cinematography are beautiful, and I liked Tami Erin's performance.

Mind you, there have been 7 movie & TV adaptations of Pippi to date (and I list them by actress):

-Viveca Serlachius (1949)
-Gina Gillespie (1961)
-Inger Nilsson (1969-1970)
-Svetlana Stupak (1982)
-Carrie Kei Heim (1985)
-Tami Erin (1988)
-Melissa Altro (1997-2000)