A question...

This movie is a direct copy, or remake, of the Swedish Tv-show and series of movies, not seldom to the point that whole scenes look exactly the same, only with different actors. The events of the movie are also pretty much the exact same as in the original series. They copied the original show so much that they actually set the movie in the 60:s, thus making it look exactly like the show, which was made in late 1960:s. The actors where also very obviously picked for resemblance with the original cast. Only the songs are different.

Is the American audience of this film aware of this, or do they think that the movie-makers wrote the story themselves? I'm just curious to know, as this movie is largely unheard of in Sweden, Pippi's homeland.

We don't even care whether or not we care.


Read the trivia for this movie. The director wouldn't even make the movie until he had Astrid Lingstum's consent. I am 33 now, I grew up with this film and I love it. BTW, I also have a great love for Sweden. I have wanted to get to get the Pippi booms for a long time, but they don't sell them here in Canada.