Anyone bought the DVD?

I watched this film years ago, but never had the chance to see it again. Just ordered the DVD, so hopefully getting that this week.

Was there a book based on this film (or vice versa)? I've never found anything by Googling.

The only similar thing I've ever seen was "The boy from Lapland" when I was a kid. Over 30 years ago. How time flies. I never had a chance to see that again either. I can't remember too much about that, except there was a lot of snow and loads of reindeer. Oh, and a catchy tune.

I'm rambling. Never mind. The thread title isn't much of a question either. If anyone wants to add anything, please do. :-)


I first saw this wonderful film in Oxford in 1988 and it left an indelible impression on me. I have about fifty films that all vie for a position in my top ten films but since that date, Ofelas or Pathfinder has always unassailably held the top spot. Ever since I got a DVD player about four years and was delighted by the digital clarity and the longevity of the medium (compared to swiftly degradable video) I have sought out a DVD of Ofelas. Finally, through a serendipitous link on these message boards, in June of this year I found it on German Amazon. I ordered immediately and, despite about six messages telling me they were having difficulty getting hold of it, I finally received it in the mail about two weeks ago. Six month lead time - not really so bad considering I have waited nearly twenty years to see it again.
Seeing it again sent shivers down my spine in exactly the same way as in 1988. The stunning cinematography, the crystal clarity of the slightest sound in the desolate frozen wastes and the simplicity of the story reassured me that its position at the top of my list was not misplaced.
Enjoy the DVD when you receive it Willzwill - watch the cinema trailer that comes with it too and you will thank all that is holy that the film itself has been digitally re-mastered!