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When was this supposed to have taken place

I've seen the film a few times and consider it timeless. So much so that I was not sure when it was that the film took place. Anyone have any ideas?


It's based on an ancient legend, so it is meant to be set in a distant past. If I remember correctly, director Nils Gaup has said it's supposed to be a thaousand years old.

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It's likely set somewhere around 500-1000AD. Around that time Germanic (Norse) and Finnic (Karelian, Tavastian etc.) people were regularly raiding areas inhabited by the Sami in the mid and northern Fennoscandia).


I actually thought it was set in 1200-1500AD (FVT) area when i saw it first. But the Sámi people lived like this for several thousand years so who knows. One evidence is the trees. Trees werent invented until 1200AD. Later they also added the leaves. There is also blood in this move - an invention from the 1200th.

Also dont forget that about 1500AD they invented the snow scooter and later the surf board. So therefore we can pinpoint the time to be somewhere between 1200AD and 1500AD.

As a side note; The invention of the snow scooter also introduced the snow to these areas. It is said that the Sámi people have as much as two words to describe snow. We know one of them from old runes - "Wet".

Before 1500 AD, when snow wasn't yet introduced, they only had flour and maisenna to spread across the landscape.



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