Natasha Richardson

When I heard about Natasha Richardson’s accident, I first thought of this movie. She was this beautiful, luminous creature with a palpable simmering below-the-surface passion that sizzled on-screen. Yes, she had other, great roles in the movies and Broadway, but this is the one that's indelibly burned into memory.

I can’t reconcile this vibrant woman with her end, lying brain-dead after what should’ve been “just a fall” on the bunny slope.


Yes, what a pity!!

I'm speechless, it breaks my heart...


I completely agree with you. She was totally captivating in A Month In The Country. This film has stayed with me since the night I saw it.

Such a sad loss of a very beautiful person.



*When I heard about Natasha Richardson’s accident, I first thought of this movie.*

I remember watching this movie ( something I picked up from the video hire store because of it's 'gay-interest') and wondering who the wonderful interesting natural actress was and being determined to seek out more of the movies she had acted in. Sadly I didn't have a lot of success finding movies she acted in that I thought I might enjoy but I loved her performance in The White Countess.

My deepest sympathy to her family for their loss.

reply she not the embodiment of her mother???? Maybe with her death, a decent DVD might be re-released that has been cleared up and made crisp for a "The Movies of Natasha Richardson Collector's Edition." This film still ranks in my top 10 most watched and respected films.