Favourite Scene

This is one of my all time favourite films. I would love to hear what your favourite scene/scenes are.

Mine is where Colin Firth has come back from seeing the young girl who is dying from TB and arrives at the church where he can hear the congregation singing and it makes him angry and he shouts God, What God.


I do like that scene. But I think my favorite scenes are the two leavetaking ones at the end: when Birkin does NOT put moves on Alice in the belfry, though they're alone in his bedroom and it's clearly what both are yearning for; and then later in the church when neither Birkin nor Moon is able to articulate what they have meant to each other when they're saying goodbye.

However, it must be said that I watch the whole thing with a wide smile of appreciation.

I have started a website to try to push for a rerelease of A Month in the Country on DVD:



wonderful website! congratulations!

Excuse my English, I was born in a galaxy far, far away


I'm shocked that this film has fallen into such anonymity. It just seems like yesterday that it was so new and fresh. I taught the film for several years in a university film class. I even included the Carr novel for one year--but the bookstore couldn't find enough copies the next. This was over 12 years ago now. What a pity that so many people will never know this film.


I smiled at the ending where he went back as an old man to see the painting again in the church. He was still carrying the book with the rose in it.