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What scenes are missing from the first DVD/Video issue

Does anyone know what scenes are missing from the first release DVD/Video?


None to my knowledge. I saw the film on the screen and own the tape and the DVD and it is the same. The film follows the novella almost verbatim.

For anyone interested, I have this film on a transfer from tape to DVD for we Region 1-ers. It's not all that bad. IT is as good as the terrible, untouched Region 2 that you spend a mint!


Ignore the "cut version" rubbish on wikipedia.
The truth is much simpler: PAL speedup. Cinema films run at 24 frames a second, PAL dvds at 25 frames a second. Hence this 96 minute film runs a shade over 92 minutes on the 2004 dvd.

Also wrong on wikipedia is the claim that the 2004 dvd was mastered from "the last" 35mm print - it's very obviously from video, as proved by tape-noise, colour-bleeding and the smearing of the credits.