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Were there extra scenes on cable/DVD?

Did anyone tape this off of cable when it used to come on?
I saw this on TV in the 90's. For some reason it always stuck with me.
The Lost Collection DVD is very affordable now, so I picked this up and finally watched it again.

I always remembered the big age difference, but they even address it within the movie with the cousin bringing it up.

I was thinking that they did sleep together.
So I'm wondering if this was alluded to in scenes that didn't make the DVD.
Maybe I was just remembering that Ryan really wanted to, or at least she was wanting more physical contact from Max, as she gets frustrated when he will only kiss her.

I was also wondering - was Jon Cryer's voice really that high then? I know he is a lot older on 2 1/2 Men, but it's pretty different and he was past puberty at the time.
It made me wonder if the film was sped up a little bit. In Europe their movies run faster, so the run times there are always shorter. Could the Lost Collection be the UK version?
I guess the only person who can answer this would be someone who has seen the film in all the different formats.


I just watched it on Netflix the other night. There were no deleted scenes, no director's cut, no nothing. What you saw is what you got the first time around.

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