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Sorta jumped the shark with the teacher...No?

At last count, I think there are more unicorns in the world then there are female, hyper-conservative Republican, election-fixing teachers that give their captive audience a rather bizarre rendition of Watergate and Nixon.....

Please....not trying to start a political thread. Just thought it was funny.

I still love this flick - saw it about 50 times on cable growing up...easy..



By far and away that was the single most unrealistic scene in the entire movie.

"Your petty vengeance fetish will have to do withOUT Mr. Groin!"


I moved a lot as a kid and teens so I had many different teachers in the 80s and early 90s. I had a few who would argue about controversial things. One teacher actually ranted and raved about crop circles and UFOs which he believed by the way. Lol So true me it is possible.


It really depends on where you are in the country and the time period in which you are looking. In the 80's I recall there was a mix of teachers in my school the older ones tended to be conservative the younger ones were liberal loons as I still recall the one that would rant about how teachers shouldn't pay taxes because their salaries were paid for with taxes so it was like paying themselves to work. I suspect he's working for the Bernies Sanders campaign today, assuming he's still alive.