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'Crying' music video gives away whole movie

Granted I am only watching the music video after having seen the movie several times so perhaps it isn't that bad. But if I were watching this video in the 80s I would have been ticked off when watching the movie. Each little video clip for this awesome song is the actual progression of the movie. I would have been guessing what comes next the whole time! Check it out below:


That was done in many movies in the 80s. Music videos were in their infancy (as was MTV and later VH1), and if they were tied to the movie, then the producers used clips from the movie to go along with the song instead of producing an entire short. In this instance, I've read that Roy Orbison was approached to re-record "Crying" as a more modern version specifically for the movie. Not sure how k.d. lang got invited to collaborate, but the end product was beautiful.

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In fairness, we know exactly what will happen. I love this movie and have since I was a child in the 80's but even so, I can admit the movie is pretty formulaic. It's a great flick but there is nothing overly surprising here at all.

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