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George Clooney mentioned this today!

from the Newsweek Oscar roundtable:

Newsweek: Do you remember the first time you were paid to act?
George Clooney:
You couldn't get a job without getting into the Screen Actors Guild, so everybody I knew, including myself, would make up these credits just to get in. They didn't have the Internet at the time, so you could get away with anything. I remember lying to a casting director, Barbara Claman, about this movie called "Cat People." She was, like, "You were in that, were you?" I was, like, yep. And she goes, "Because I cast that." I finally just said, "I can't get in SAG. Help me out." She helped me get a job on a film then called "The Predator." We shot it in Hungary. It was Charlie Sheen and Laura Dern and I, all three of our first jobs. As big as they became later, the movie never came out, that's how bad a film it was. But I got my SAG card.
Ellen Page: I would like to see that.
Clooney: I would, too. The guy—and I'm not kidding—the guy who financed it went to jail.
James McAvoy: Because he made the film.
Clooney: Yes, as a matter of fact. If you'd seen me in it, you would understand why.

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did Clooney do something criminal?

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Must have been the trouble with Hungary government, and why the film was shut down.

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