Is This Just A Hoax??

David Sheldon is a name I am familiar with in conjunction with the 1974 "Killer Kids" movie DEVIL TIMES FIVE. But something about this listing doesn't exactly ring true ... A 1987 "PG-13" rated horror film about a monster killer bear, with a cast that included

1) George Clooney
2) Charlie Sheen
3) Laura Dern
4) John Rhys-Davies
5) Deborah Raffin
7) Louise Fletcher, that was
8) written by Sheldon's wife, Joan McCall,
9) filmed by Lazlo Kovacs??


Is this a hoax? I have encountered references to this movie on a number of occaisions in conjunction with researching DEVIL TIMES FIVE, but has anyone actually seen it??


It's a hoax. There is no Grizzly 2. I have the script, but i was never filmed. The people who have claimed to have seen it lied.


It was filmed, but it was never released beacuse of FX problems.

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I actually worked on this film as a member of crew.

It was filmed in Budapest Hungary in 1983 on a Russian Military installation - a tank training base (we could see mock-ups/silhouettes of M-1 Abrams tanks on railroad tracks). At night all hell would breakout with night battles about once a week with no warning - flares, tank rounds exploding, small arms fire. We built a small baseball field for entertainment of crew (Hungarians ended up being great baseball players) and at night Russian troops would come out and use sticks and rocks to play after we had left the site. We started leaving the balls, gloves and bats for them to use. Never lost a one.

The film was a joint venture with MaFilms of Hungary.

As to the cast, yes they were all involved. George, Laura and Charlie were all campers who were attacked by the bear just prior to the fictional concert where the main attack was to take place. First film for all three I believe. John Rhyes Davies (btw - a really nice guy) was the hunter "Buchard" who was tasked with killing the bear.

Louise Fletcher was the Superintendent of the fictional national park.

Steve Inwood (Saturday Night Fever) was the park ranger and Debora Forman (Valley Girl) was his daughter who fell for the lead singer in the fictional band (band was called Predator -actors first name was Nigel but could not remember rest of name).

Nick Maley (Jaba the Hut SE makeup Creator) was the special effects leader designated to create the puppet-tronics bear for the final scenes. Never worked on film - always looked like a toy. He and his SE crew worked on location for about 12 weeks before folding up camp.

To shoot the fictional concert scene audience, a real concert was put on with Nazareth as the lead and another band Totaquello (sp?). Largest gathering of Hungarians since the revolt in 1957 - featured in international papers and US Papers.

Was American driven but had a British, French and Hungarian production team. There were translators for the Hungarians since they did not speak English but after the production ended we found out they could all speak great English - gave them a fantastic advantage in negotiations - all the way down to the taxi drivers shuttling people back and forth to shoot.

Deborah Raffin and her husband, Michael Viner (who at that time owned the LA Rams) was detained by the Russians after taking pictures near another Russian military base. Ended up they had their camera confiscated.

Vilmos Sigmond was originally the DP (was brought to Yellowstone park for preproduction work - look and feel of American National Park (which this was supposed to take place on) but he ended up with a conflict. László Kovács was brought in - note the gap in 1983 for his CV. What I remember him most for was his always calling for "more smoke."

Hungarian were really great people to work with.

Interesting foot note - They tried to finish the film with its missing finale in 1984 using half scale models and small people with a human actor inside bear costume.

Last I ever heard about the production was that it was in a vault in Paris with all sorts of litigation around it.

Note: The stage for the final concert stage had an elaborate setup that from the crowd looked like a bird with wings (this was about 300 feet wide) with computer controlled lights that could simulate the wings, a head that came out of the top with flames coming out of its nostrils and feet that came up with search lights on them. It was pretty cool except that President Regan put a moratorium for computer equipment to go the eastern block and soviet countries just before the site was built - they had to sneak an Apple II in that controlled the staging and lights in parts under the seats of the truck drivers bringing in items for the production. Also, the KAL flight 700 was shot down over Kamchatka while we in production - behind the iron curtain. It had us all worried on how far it was going to escalate and what the heck were we going to do in event of trouble? Rode it out without any problem though.


man, that is one of the craziest, cold war, entertainment movie shoots stories I think I have ever heard. Great story, sounds like a nightmare shoot though...
Id love to see it just because you've got heavy metal and heavy mammals meeting in a national park in an 80's movie (brilliant), and you've got Charlie Sheen on the set. That must have been one memorable production for an unmemorable (or maybe just unreleasable) product.

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One of the writers from Film Ventures International, the studio that made the original, said "as far as I know it doesn't exist." Or something like that. Also mentioned something about Film Ventures hadn't worked on it, if it was made anyway.

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It's not a hoax, parts of it exist. Maybe the whole movie wasn't filmed, but there are scenes from it (incomplete ones) on YouTube. Here's the links:

Granted, there's no footage of Clooney, Dern, or Sheen, but Deborah Foreman is in one of the scenes, as is Louise Fletcher. Clooney has, in a recent roundtable interview, acknowledged the movie's existence. Here's the link for that interview:

Here's a piece of the conversation:

Clooney: You couldn't get a job without getting into the Screen Actors Guild, so everybody I knew, including myself, would make up these credits just to get in. They didn't have the Internet at the time, so you could get away with anything. I remember lying to a casting director, Barbara Claman, about this movie called "Cat People." She was, like, "You were in that, were you?" I was, like, yep. And she goes, "Because I cast that." I finally just said, "I can't get in SAG. Help me out." She helped me get a job on a film then called "The Predator." We shot it in Hungary. It was Charlie Sheen and Laura Dern and I, all three of our first jobs. As big as they became later, the movie never came out, that's how bad a film it was. But I got my SAG card.

Page: I would like to see that.

Clooney: I would, too. The guy—and I'm not kidding—the guy who financed it went to jail.

McAvoy: Because he made the film.

Clooney: Yes, as a matter of fact. If you'd seen me in it, you would understand why.

He mentions that the movie was shot, but that it was never released due to the director having been arrested. (Or, at least, that's what I gather from the statement.)

My opinion? The movie didn't get finished, that's probably why it was never released. I've read bits about how the effects weren't finished, I've also read that the movie was unwatchable, but, in my opinion, it sounds as if the movie was never completed and may never be officially released. There is supposedly a workprint of it floating around, but other than the few YouTube scenes, it's pretty much impossible to come by.

Incidentally, here's a link to a site that claims to have seen the workprint of the movie (minus any of the grizzly effects):

It's midway down the page under the listing GRIZZLY 2: THE PREDATOR.

reply's not a hoax any longer. A workprint has leaked.

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Just finished downloading. Also saw the Cinema Snob review. Amazing.

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This ain't no hoax
What information asdasdasqad gave sounds the most clinical and precise
Many thanks just watching it now
"those stupid kids"

Mixed cast if Uk/ Us actors and actresses

"you take the milk ........from the coconut" what a poor rap. LMAO