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There's a NEW Fan Edit Now!!!!

About a month ago, when Cinema Snob reviewed this movie (alerting me that the film had leaked!), one of the members of his forum (microb, I think) made a 'completed fan edit', which he shared on Megaupload. Well, I didn't download it, but it was included on the DVD-R I purchased from iOffer (not sure if it's the same guy selling it or what).

Well, I watched the workprint first, and after the sentimental moment of finally seeing it, I turned on the fan edit.

Well.... I'll applaud the guy for making an attempt, but it oes without saying that by 'Completed', anyone watching expects 'more bear footage' and there isn't. It cuts down on some of the filler, but it starts feeling a little choppy and rushed as the film progresses, and while it's certainly cool that he managed to bitchslap the enidng into something sensible.... it still feels a bit less fleshed out than the workprint's ending (which is a collection of outtakes). Of course, I can't really gripe because it's not like I didn't get what I *REALLY* paid for, which was to own a physical copy of the workprint. Although, I was expecting a Bruno Mattei type project with stock footage from the first Grizzly, Claws, Beasts, Day of the Animals, etc.

Well, looks like my prayers have been answered, I hope. Was just on the Snob;s board, and some other guy (McQade)has made his own fan edit, and even made a poster for it! He took the bear from the original Grizzly poster, but there's some other drawings... I can't tel if he actually drew that or if it's from another movie poster, but it still looks really cool. And it does feature the stock footage placed into the movie, and he did a new score as well!!!! Now, I looked to see if maybe I was getting excited over nothing, and that the post was a couple months old, but nope, t'was made 3 days ago!!!!

I'm hoping that the guy's on these boards and sees this thread, and if you are, I'm really, really excited about this.... but if you could release it on DVD for sale, with that awesome cover art.... downloading just doesn't give the proper effect, ya know?

Either way, really stoked to see this cut. It's the second best thing we'll probably get unless somebody actually goes out and shoots new footage.


Cross fingers for a special edition fan edit.

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The newer fan cut is evidently available on Cinemgeddon.

If someone could post that version on YouTube, I'd be very appreciative.


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