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Im looking for a killer Grizzlybear movie

Im looking for a "killer Grizzlybear movie" i saw it when i was a kid.
Now I cant locate it,and I wanna know the name.
Its not a cartoon its real people/animals in it.
Its not Beastmaster.
its from 1970-1985 or something i beleave.

The plot is: A bunch of hunters tracks down a wounded bear.
One of the hunters say:
A wounded bear is more dangerous than an not wounded (or simular)

I remember one scene 2 horses are tied up agains a tree near a clif/mountain.
The bear scratches one of the horses in the ass or if he chop the head of.

All i remember is the bear comes close the horses, cut to the hunters above

the horses, a scream from the horses make the hunters run to the horses one

horse is dead on the ground.

An other scene is when the hunters almoust have tracked down the bear long away

from the willages I think its snow on the ground.

One hunter (maby an older man) freaks and starts yelling
Its not a bear we hunt! Its the devil himself!
Hes up there in the tree and watching us right now!

Now the camera zooms in an hawk/eagle/predator bird
Then later on i think same man yells
Hes there!
Then the camrea zooms in on a mountainlion/wolf.

Anyway the bear cud transform into other animals (if the hunter was right)
And it killed one or two horses.
Does anyone know which film this is?


Hey dude,
I saw your same post on another thread, I think yer obsessed with GRIZZLY (1976) - this Grizzly II evidently never got made, which is sad, cos I woulda liked seeing a sequel...I'm into bears killing people, etc.
You just seem in a maze of confusion.
I sincerely hope that one day your life can become complete with a copy of GRIZZLY in your hands.

"The Film in which you are about to see is an account of a tragedy that befell a group of 5 youths"

(And no, the '70's were better!) - Wang Chung!


Some of the scenes you describe are straight out of Grizzly(1976)..the ultimate killer grizzly movie! The others sound like they might possibly be from "Claws"(1977)..another 70's killer grizzly movie about a devil bear, or "The Night of the Grizzly"(1966)..both are also good. Hope this helps you.


well, the whole Devil Bear thing is definitely CLAWS but I don't remember horses being killind in CLAWS.


THANX FOR THE HELP :) on movie titles i will find them all. ;)

Finally I got me a copy of Claws (damn postalworker theifes)I had to win it twise on ebay the first copy "disappeared" in shipping.
So sorry for not Answared until now, today i got the package, and saw the movie.

Some scenes felt like it might be this movie, but the horse scene wasnt in it and neighter was the girl mauled in the cabin, or the most important scene the old man that freak out ITS HIM its the devil himself! (while the camera zoom in on a bird).
They only made an short refrense and said the bear can trasform and this bear can think.

I now have obtained these movies and seen them and all have som simular scenes but none have the bear transform into an eagle (or is it in the old mans head?) scene:
Grizzly (1976)
Claws (1977)
Beasts (1983)

So the seach goes on.


well now, come to think of it, I believe they called the bear in NIGHT OF THE GRIZZLY 'Satan". That might be it.... BEASTS was a totally different movie, I think taht's the one with the criminals breaking into someone's house and a bear comes and terrorizes the place or something.


More Info about Grizzly II:The Predator (aka. Predator: The Concert)

Film was never completed nor released. Those who claim to have seen it on network TV, saw a made for TV movie (completely unrelated to the original Grizzly)that was renamed Grizzly 2, to cash on the success of the original Grizzly. To add more confusion "Claws" was also re-released with the title "Grizzly 2". No wonder there is so much confusion about these bear movies.

There is more info about this infamous official sequel at the end this review for the original Grizzly. Here is the link:

another article on the official Grizzly II:


pabspabs Thanx for that info! :)
Really interesting and annoying at the same time :p

My "Grizzly movie" i got from my fathers friend that knew a guy who worked in a filmimport business (in late 70s early 80s)

But it seems acording true the articles that the official Grizzly 2 was never fully completed, so it cant been that one. (One more to cross from the list)

I have only seen the pan & scan Grizzly R1 dvd maby some parts were cut? Maby thats why i dont recall the scenes?
Well i will buy the Grizzly 2-disc anyway since the genre is facinating.


LOL... sorry to be the messenger of dissapointing news...I was also hoping to see the real Grizzly 2 in any form available...if it was available...(I can't believe that I am that desperate looking and obsesing for Grizzly God, the movie Gods need to produce more interesting films in the market...I am running out of

Anyway...what do you think about the fellow that claims to have been involved in the actual shoot of "Grizzly 2" and that supposedly has videotaped footage of the film in his home in Rhode Island? (look at the main page user comment by rossistheboss from United States ; heading The Long Lost NOW FOUND Sequel, 2 March 2005)

Do you think that he is for real? I may be naive or overly optimistic but if he is the real may lead to something.


If he is for real and make it avaible for the public it will be great. :)

I definally think its an market with "When animals attack" movies again especially bearmovies ;) after the succes of Grizzly Man, the studios re-released Grizzly and The Day Of The Animals on dvd.


Maybe you're thinking of Animorphs. Good book. Poor series. Loved the flicky-page thing.
(' .')


It isn't BEASTS though I think you'd enjoy that movie a lot, and it is the one about a grizzly that runs afoul of a couple of ex-cons who make the lives of a backpacker couple miserable & at one point do break into their cabin. It's a weird movie for sure and a couple of people jump off cliffs, but there is no scene where horses get involved.



I think the movie you are looking for is called Prophecy