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Holds up fairly well on a rewatch years later.

It's up on YouTube at the moment, so I gave it a watch. It's a lot of fun, a good kid's horror movie. There's a few mildly scary moments and the stop motion is impressive.

The ending kind of felt like they were just making things up as they went along, but that's not unusual for a supernatural horror movie. Why did the rocket destroy or drive away the big demon? I felt like I missed something there. I thought the eye appeared on the kids hand because he was the one who read the summoning spell that got everything started. They didn't put any kind of spell on the rocket though.

Was it the fact that his sister gave it to him as a present? Like it represented their love for eachother and his family, and that destroyed the demon? I can't think of anything better.


Without seeing it again, I'm pretty sure that was it, as I recall

Because the rocket was a gift of love from his sister, it destroyed the evil

The ending was a bit too tidy, admittedly, but it was a PG-13 summer film, not straight-up horror, so they probably felt a happy ending was called for