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Another forgotten Coppola film...

I think it is sad that this film was overlooked, underaprriciated, and is now all but forgotten.
It is no masterpiece and is not on par with Coppola's earlier works, but it is a solid film directed with a quiet grace and filled with wonderful performances.
Caan gives one of his best performances as the lead character. His role is played very understated and he does a marvelous job. He should have been nominated for an Oscar.
James Earl Jones should have WON an Oscar for his performance. In my opinion, he gives a crreer best performance.
Angelica Huston is excellent in her role as Caan's love interest and should have been nominated for a supporting Oscar.
The story is a good one and the script, while not perfect, is solid.
There are problems...D.B. Sweeny is not a good enough actor to play that role, there should have been more barracs sequences involving Fishburne, the scene at the party where Caan roughs up the hippie is a tad too much. However, it is a solid film masterfully directed and flawlessly acted.
It is a lost treasure that I hope will be rediscovered.

***1/2 out of *****


is this a joke ?


not at all. I stand by my review.



oh well atleast it made me laugh pretty hard


thanks for your review


"The story is a good one..."

"There are problems"

IMO the story is the problem. The acting was very good, the production was authentic and the focus on the Old Guard was both different and welcome.

It wasn't very long into the film when I'd figured whose funeral we see at the beginning, the beating of the hippy academic which you mention, was always going to pop up somewhere and Hazard's repeated requests for transfers became very repetitive. Then we had the Colonel's rebellious daughter etc.

It was all very predictable IMO and the final outcome was never in doubt.


There are problems...D.B. Sweeny is not a good enough actor to play that role

I believe this to be the main problem, along with the awful dialogue. I have a hard time grasping how Coppola would cast somebody as awful in the role as D.B Sweeney is in this - he undermines the whole film.

"Please don't eat me! I have a wife and kids. Eat them!"